Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Immortal Darkness Forums. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Please Respect Others.
    There’s enough darkness in this world. Be courteous when engaging with others. Healthy debates are bound to occur, however criticism against any fellow forum member is not allowed. Disrespect can be construed as flaming, trolling, harassing, profanity, abusive language or abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual slurs, or similar behavior/language.
    • Flaming is defined as posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another. This includes accusations of scamming, bullying, etc. Please report this behavior directly to support.
    • Trolling is defined as deliberately posting derogatory, inflammatory comments/threads in order to bait other users into responding. Trolling or accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling and is not permitted.
    • Posts similar to “Moderator Notified” or “Needs thread lock” are discouraged. If a thread is in violation of the forum rules, use the Report Post button or send a private message to a moderator or administrator directly.
    • Personal attacks include, but are not limited to insulting a poster directly:
      Example: “You are stupid, you suck, and you should [censored].”
    The above just few examples of behavior that is not tolerated on the forums. Basically, play nice and get along. Thanks! #
  2. Keep Conversations Appropriate
    If it would offend the gods, don’t post it here. This includes conversations about alcohol, drugs, and other nefarious activities. We do not allow discussion that encourages or constitutes behavior that does not support a safe and comfortable environment for all users, including but not limited to bullying, vigilantism, engaging in any conduct or activity that is threatening, harmful, harassing, abusive, vulgar, hateful, defamatory, lewd, sexually provocative, suggestive, or explicit, inflammatory, profane, racially or ethnically objectionable, religious or political, or in any manner encourages inappropriate, disrespectful, abusive, or unlawful conduct or otherwise makes use of the forums an uncomfortable experience for anyone. #
  3. Keep Language Appropriate.
    You’re the type that’s too creative to use profanity, right? If not, please keep language appropriate and profanity to a minimum. #
  4. Never reveal your personal information.
    The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords. Please do not disclose your, or anyone else’s, private information. #
  5. Non-Constructive posts are prohibited.
    Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples of non-constructive posts. As a rule, non-constructive posting is not permitted:
    • Spam - this is considered to be repetitive posting of the same topic or text or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are often designed to annoy other forum users.
    • Unannounced spoilers, cheats, exploits, or other content that may ruin the game experience for another player.
    • Bumping posts in order to keep them near the top of the list.
    • Cross posting - As a courtesy to others before beginning a new thread, please look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established using the Search feature. If so, place your comments there instead. Multiple threads on the same subject clutter up the forum needlessly and many good ideas may be lost. Use the Search link to keep discussions about one topic to one thread only.
    • Copyrighted, pirated or stolen content, including but not limited to: text, images, keygens/cracks, files, etc.
    • Advertising in the Immortal Darkness forum is not allowed.
  6. Do not impersonate another forum user, moderator, or administrator.
    Please do not impersonate anyone else. Identity is sacred, even on the internet. #
  7. No Legal Action threads.
    Using the forums or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or inciting any kind of legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited. #
  8. Zero Tolerance Policy.
    Immediate suspension or bans from the forum can result from any of the following: the posting of pornography; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned. #
  9. Warnings and Bans
    In most cases, we abide by a 3-strike policy in the Immortal Darkness forums. After 2 warnings within a 30 day period you are at risk of receiving a forum suspension, with the exception of the zero-tolerance policy above which may result in suspension without warning. On your 3rd suspension, you will receive a permanent ban. The Immortal Darkness team reserves the right to bypass the 3-strike policy when necessary to maintain peace and order in the forums. #
  10. Proprietary forums.
    The Immortal Darkness Community is a private message forum. All message board content is allowed at the discretion of the Immortal Darkness team. We reserve the right to remove any message board content at will without notice for any reason. #
  11. Changes to these Rules and Regulations
    The Immortal Darkness team may revise these Rules and Regulations at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes. #