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Hello everyone!

This is Damon and Chris and this is the start of our developer blog for our game, Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King. We intended to blog about our progress on the game at an earlier stage of development, but the workload has been pretty heavy and we just haven’t had the time until now.

We are getting closer to our Alpha phase (feature complete) and the grueling pace of things has begun to ease up a little. Enough for us to start blogging, at least. We’re extremely excited to start sharing our creation with the world!

So who are we, and what is Immortal Darkness: Cure of The Pale King?

We’re Chris Shrigley and Damon Du Bois. We’re a couple of veteran game developers, who’ve long held a candle for Indie Game development. We’d both sit, locked in our respective corporate cubicles, dreaming of wandering free in the verdant meadows of independent video game development.

*switch to Morgan Freeman’s voice*

Although the two friends and comrades managed to create and publish a handful of small indie games between them, they were always pulled back into the deep, warm bosom of mainstream, AAA game development, making money for the Man. And so their dreams languished, only to be taken out occasionally at parties or coffee shops, and paraded like sad paper puppets, forlorn and weary-worn from countless traipsings. But then one day, at one of these gaudy coffee shop displays, an idea emerged. The idea was simple; They would build a game for themselves. A game they would love to play. A game that encompasses and captures all they love from their favorite dungeon crawlers, D&D campaigns and tabletop gaming sessions. A game that hearkens back to the memories of countless hours, huddled in their bedrooms in the glow of a CRT screen, mastering their latest obsession. They would build a game that reminds them of why they got into the games business in the first place. A game of dungeons and treasure and monsters and epic boss fights. A game full of magic and puzzles and traps and secrets. A game with a rich story and vivid characters that live and exist beyond the game.

*and I’m back*

So what makes us so smart and the boss of game development? What gives us the right to make this awesome and epic game? Well, we both have quite a lot of experience making video games, so that’s pretty cool for starters.

Damon has worked professionally as an artist and designer in the games business for decades, working for some of the biggest names in the business, and on some of most successful game franchises.

Chris also has decades of game dev experience, having worked on loads of games since the early 1980s. Chris is primarily a programmer, but also “produces” and wrangles people and things.

(You can read more about Damon and Chris on our “About Us” page).

In our blog we will talk about the development of this game moving forward. We’ll share our trials and tribulations, in art, design, programming and production/business, and hopefully entertain and intrigue you along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

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