Immortal Darkness: August Development Update

It’s pretty easy to start making a game. You find some passionate, like-minded people, throw a prototype together in a whirl of excitement, and ideas and energy flow like water. And as the weeks turn to months and all the fun and fluffy stuff is written and designed, things start to get harder. Later still, in the dark, small hours when the really un-glamorous work happens, you have to dig deep to find the energy to push through. By the end, you’re running on fumes and every tiny win or milestone passed, is like fuel in your belly. The whole team must be pulling in the same direction, and personalities and experience takes center stage. It’s really hard to finish making a game.

The team behind Immortal Darkness is one of the best I’ve worked with. We’re small and scrappy, but we make up for that with energy and experience. We know what we’re doing and we know how to do it, and so, after 2.5 years of ups and downs, wins and losses, we’re a handful of weeks away from unleashing our game on the World.

You are all on notice. The Vampyr are coming.

August has been fun, tiring, and fairly stressful. I guess if it was easy, everyone would be doing this. Progress has been phenomenal and everything is done and in, and all we’re doing now is play testing and fixing stuff. Granted there’s a lot of stuff to fix, but the game plays, start to finish, without any significant problems, and most importantly it plays well and is fun to play.

All the Steam tech stuff is sorted out. We have achievements defined and I’ve made a neat-o achievements manager. Sound design is done, with some last minute additions from Chris Walasek, and I did a final mix on all the audio in the game, and it’s sounding lovely. Difficulty is balanced and we continue to tweak individual rooms and fights to get things just right. Damon has been fixing map issues like a man possessed, and has spent a bunch of time set dressing and adding detail and variety to our levels. Quest are tested and working, and our story is all buttoned up and tied into the game. All in all, August has been an extremely productive and satisfying month. Huzzah!

So what’s the plan? How will Immortal Darkness make its debut, and how will you fine people get your hands on a copy to play? Simply put, our game will officially launch Halloween week in October. We’re planning on a short “Early Access” on Steam, starting mid/late September, depending on how our final polish and tweaking goes. We’ll keep you posted as the dates become firm.

That’s all for now. Watch out for updates and some cool prize draws and competitions coming up, where you can win some great Immortal Darkness swag.

All hail the Giant Space Monster!

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