Immortal Darkness: July Development Update

Immortal Darkness Light and DarkJuly has been a whirlwind. I can barely believe we’re at the end of it already. I’ve been so buried in bugs and tying up loose ends and supporting Damon with his game balance passes, that I’m a little late with this update. A lot has happened so I’ll try and cover all the good bits 🙂

First of all, we have finally reached true feature complete on the game. We’ve been trying to hit this major milestone for awhile, but each time we got close, we’d get feedback from a tester, or we’d find something egregiously broken, and have to move the goalposts out a little further. This is how projects drag on, and can really derail a project at the end. You need to be pragmatic about things, and know when to say something is done. But that’s all moot now, because we did it. We actually get to stick a fork in this wonderful thing, and call it done.

That said, we still have a lot of work to do before the game is ready for you to play. There are bugs and tweaks that still need to be done, but that is easy peasy compared to the 2.25 years we’ve spent building the game so far, from scratch. This is the home stretch, and really a stroll in the park, comparatively speaking.

Over the past 3 weeks or so, we’ve wrapped up all the bosses and balanced their fights. We’ve finalized all the quests, and added tons of story NPCs and notes for the “Player Journal”, and we added some new spells and more secrets and loot. On the tech side, I’ve been refactoring some of the older code in the game, and giving some attention to some of the systems I’ve been neglecting, like the tutorial system. The big one for me this month is, I finally wrangled all the Steam Pipe stuff and implemented a nice and manageable build / upload pipeline to stage builds on Steam, ready to go once we publish.

In addition to all the lovely dev work being done, our attention has also been squarely on getting the word out about the game. I did a couple of interviews and a podcast this month, where I got to talk a little bit about the game and how we got to make it. Check them out for a little more insight into how and why Damon and I are making Immortal Darkness.

Arcade Attack Interview.

Arcade Attack Retro Gaming Podcast.

That just about wraps it up for this month. Looking forward to spending most of August fixing bugs and polishing the game ready for release. We really are in the home stretch now!

All hail the Giant Space Monster!


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