Immortal Darkness: September Development Update

The Old GodsI’ve been having visions. They come to me deep in the night. Bathed in the soft glow from my monitors, It talks to me. It speaks of coming glories and conquests, of schemes and secret plans to spread its word. It is pleased. The Giant Space Monster is happy with our toil this month.

Of course, it could all be an illusion. A dream. The consequence of too many late nights and too much tea perhaps. Regardless, progress this month has been outstanding. Is there wonder the Old One is pleased? We’re getting very close now to our official release on or around October 24th. That’s just 4 short weeks from now! Four short weeks until you can play the game and follow us into our dark,¬†delicious madness.

This past month has mostly been about Quality Assurance and debugging. Quality Assurance, or QA as all the cool kids call it, is an extremely important part of making a game, and without QA the game would be a hopelessly flawed and buggy mess, and no one would be happy about that. We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy on QA this past month. We have 2 formal QA teams and a whole bunch of informal play testers, all hammering on the game, trying to break it. And break it they have! In fact, they’ve done a fantastic job of finding problems, and Damon and I have been very busy addressing game play issues and fixing bugs pretty much continually.

Right now, the game is pretty slick and feels solid and polished. Work-wise, my plate is full and then some. I’m managing all the QA and fixing bugs as they get written up, and generally wrangling a whole bunch of other stuff too boring to speak of. Meanwhile, Damon is locked away in a dark room, feverishly playing the game over and over, polishing the levels and art, and muttering into the darkness about Old Gods and Anim Controllers.

Looking forward, we don’t have long until the game is out. That fact is both extremely exciting and a little bit scary to me, as there’s still lots to do before we can unleash the game upon the world. Over the next few weeks, we have all sorts of fun and cool stuff planned for the run up to launch. We’ll be running competitions and prize draws and sharing more about the game, and Lore behind the game. We’ll also have some cool surprises for the community and our faithful followers, so spread the word and prepare yourselves!

Until next time.

All Hail The Giant Space Monster!

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