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Over the past few months, both Damon and I have had to slow waaay down on actual game development, and focus our time on getting ready to announce the game to the World. This is the way of small dev teams; Everything has to be done, even if there’s no one to do it. Website development, announcement trailer video, social media accounts, promotional materials, marketing plans, community planning, business development, you name it, all of it had to be done, just to get to this point. Now all that process stuff is out of the way, and we have the wonderful Ami Defesche in our corner, helping with community and all our adoring fans, Damon and I can get back to some serious game development.

So what’s next?

First, let me tell you where we are.. The game is done, pretty much. There’s still a ton of art and coding to do, but the game is basically there. Everything plays and everything is in and working, mostly. From here on out, our focus is on getting the first two levels of the game completely done, balanced, and polished. This build will become our Alpha Test demo that we’ll release to our Alpha Test team*. Our plan is to iterate on this demo until we’ve ironed out any problems with core features and mechanics, and it plays just right. We feel it’s super important to get the game in front of real players, and see what they think. At this point, we’re a little too close to the project to be fully objective. We’re hopeful other people will like it as much as we do.

Once the Alpha Test demo is done and in the hands of our lovely Alpha Test team, we’ll continue buttoning up each level, finishing off puzzle rooms and bosses, and polishing and tweaking game play and progression. Lots and lots of loose ends to tie up. They say that starting a game is easy, but finishing one is really, really hard. This is true, and has been for all the games I’ve worked on personally. Luckily, everyone on the team knows how to finish a game, so it’s full steam ahead!

We’ll keep updating and blogging and interacting with you all, but mostly we’ll be finishing the game so you can play it. We want you to play it, because we think you’ll really enjoy it. We also have some really cool stuff planned around story and lore, if you’re into that sort of thing, so keep checking back. Consider signing up for our newsletter too. We won’t spam you and you’ll be the first to hear about all the cool new stuff we’re doing.

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* If you’re interested in becoming an Alpha Tester, send us a message through one of our social media channels, or on our contact page.

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